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Quiet and comfortable, with distinctive personalised design, makes this yoga retreat venue a perfect place for every dreamer and anyone looking for a place to unwind. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of the wild Tertsa Beach as we dive deep into daily movement and meditative practice in a calm, safe, and supportive space with a lot of swimming, stargazing, ritual, morning yoga and mediation and a few surprises!

Men only Spiritual yoga retreat is here to inspire and guide men to a new way of living. Tertsa Retreat Tertsa is a tiny village hidden in a beachside valley on the island of Crete.

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It is a haven for those that seek true retreat from the fast paced modern world. Located on the Southern East Coast of the island, the surrounding Dikti mountain range shelters the small valley making Tertsa one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete. Not only do the local farms flourish here, but tropical fruits including bananas, papaya and passion fruit, unusual to Europe, thrive in Tertsa valley. Its secluded location and cherished Cretan authenticity, has made Tertsa a renowned beach destination for the local island dwellers to escape the tourist crowds in the summer. Tertsa welcomed Greeks and foreigners alike, who were in search of a simple life, living in harmony with the land and away from modern societal construct.

This online session helps with stress and worry and supports you in cultivating a sense of well being and ease through guiding you in some simple breathing exercises and contemplations No previous experience is needed. This approach to meditation is not focused on stopping thoughts but invites you to find peace, ease and strength within the flow of thoughts.

Join around 20 men for a mix of guided meditations and discussion groups of 2 or 3 people.

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The evening starts with a Tai Chi session to help arrive in our body, then a guided mindfulness meditation. After a short break I introduce the theme for the evening and participants break into smaller groups to discuss.

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We then finish with a self-care practice. Mindful awareness of physical sensations and the breath facilitates a shift from the default network to the direct experience network. When the default network is active we are caught up in thoughts about our life, worries and plans: the brain is telling the story of ourself. As we meditate we're not trying to stop thoughts as this is impossible, but by bringing attention to sensations it initiates the 'direct experience network' which reduces mental activity.

As we meditate there may be a sense of ease and tranquility that arises without any effort. If this is your experience you'll be invited to rest deeper into this. If you find more difficult emotions presenting themselves - worry, anxiety, fear etc - there will be instructions on how to turn towards these and meet them.

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There really isn't a right or wrong way to feel during the meditation. So you can't get it wrong! In meditation we're not trying to fight or suppress what is there, but turn a kind attention from our heart to meet whatever is arising. These difficult emotions are like children who have come in out of a storm asking to be given some kind attention and, paradoxically, we may find the peace we want by turning to face the things we wish to get rid of!

Mindful attention is a bit like learning to step into the eye of the tornado. In the centre it is calm whilst all around the winds are whirling. The more you can centre yourself the better able you will be to face the storm and not be pulled into it. As my teacher used to say "mindfulness is about building a container that can hold the chaos of our lives and minds" - the stronger we make that container, the more we can hold without feeling overwhelmed.

Learn more. Londres, Reino Unido. Organizado por Serge T. Junte-se a este grupo.

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